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When we received an order to manufacture a number of bottle green Access Panels that had to be installed before June, we had a good idea where they were heading.

From 28 June to 11 July 2021, The Championships known as Wimbledon are being held and anyone visiting the London location to enjoy some tennis will spot our Access Panels adorning a number of green camera boxes across the site.

Wimbledon started in the 1870s with 22 men and a crowd of 200. The event now attracts 128 players with 42,000 spectators in the grounds at any one time (although this year COVID-19 will reduce that number dramatically).

Anti-Tamper Access Panels

Our Anti-Tamper Access Panels were the perfect choice for the camera boxes because they are the most secure access panel we manufacture and have been independently tested to WCL2. They are designed to be used in areas where security against tampering is needed, such as when housing expensive cameras. The lock system incorporates a leaf spring steel lock which assists in the prevention of tampering and the lock is fully concealed into the door.

The panels we supplied were metal faced picture frame panels, 600×600 in RAL 6007 ‘bottle green’.

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