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Our Acoustic Access Panels are designed at our premises in Wolverhampton to reduce airborne sound passing through access points making them ideal for use in environments that require sound containment.

Developed by Ceildoor Products these acoustic panels have been tested by University of Salford’s Acoustic Laboratory. As an example – based on our accurate test data from Salford University – a 600x600mm Ceildoor Acoustic Access Panel installed into a 8 x 3m 50dB rated ceiling or wall construction will achieve a combined value of Rw48dB*. The test data was produced under strict test conditions at the UKAS approved test centre to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 / BS EN 717-1:1997.


Fitted with high density gasket seals and porous sound absorbing plasterboard for acoustic isolation, our Acoustic Access Panels are both compact and lightweight and are the best solution for a sound insulated environment. Incorporating our unique Unihatch® 360 degree hinge system and fully reversible door enables you to easily rotate the door orientation and change the door finishes in one easy step.

Our Acoustic Access Panels have been specified and installed on a range of projects across the West Midlands and surrounding areas, including concert halls, recording studios, schools, libraries, hotels and lecture theatres.

*the installer must follow guidelines set by relevant wall or ceiling manufacturer to ensure correct properties are achieved for the environment.

Acoustic Access Panels For Concert Halls

Door Size (mm) Door Type Structural Opening (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
150 x 150 Single 160 x 160 120 x 120
200 x 200 Single 210 x 210 170 x 170
300 x 300 Single 310 x 310 270 x 270
450 x 450 Single 460 x 460 420 x 420
550 x 550 Single 560 x 560 520 x 520
600 x 600 Single 610 x 610 570 x 570
600 x 300 Single 610 x 310 570 x 270
900 x 600 Single 910 x 610 870 x 570
1200 x 600 Single 1210 x 610 1170 x 570

Acoustic Data Sheets

Acoustic Data Sheets

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    Acoustic Access Panels