Exposed Grid Access Panels

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Fit Within Exposed Grid Ceilings

Ceildoor’s Exposed Grid Access Panels fit within exposed grid ceilings which are designed to blend in with the modular aesthetics seamlessly, but still allow easy access to the ceiling cavity behind. The tile* is easily installed into the Access Panel’s tray enabling the door face to take on the finish of the preferred pattern of this type of ceiling system.

The Exposed Grid Access Panel features our unique design that accommodates tegular and flat lay-in configurations – just one product can be used to match the aesthetic of both ceilings. Single door and double door options are available.

Exposed grid ceilings are typically used in commercial, retail and education environments.

*tile supplied & fitted by installer

Exposed Grid Access Panels for Office Workplaces and Schools

Grid Door Type Door Size (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
24mm Single 575 x 575 572 x 532
24mm Single 1175 x 575 1172 x 532
24mm Double 1175 x 1175 1172 x 1092
15mm Single 585 x 585 582 x 542
15mm Single 1185 x 585 1182 x 542
15mm Double 1185 x 1185 1182 x 1102

Exposed Grid Data Sheets

Exposed Grid Data Sheets

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Sectional Drawings

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Tegular Systems

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    Exposed Grid Access Panels