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Ceildoor Everyday Standard Access Panel

Everyday Standard

Our most versatile Access Panel and inspection hatch for wall and ceiling cavities.

Ceildoor 1hr Fire Rated Access Panel

1hr Fire Rated

Suitable for fire rated environments and as gas flue inspection hatches with up to 1 hour performance.

Ceildoor 2hr Fire Rated Access Panel

2hr Fire Rated

Suitable for fire rated environments and as gas flue inspection hatches with up to 2 hour performance.

Ceildoor Acoustic Access Panel


A compact and discreet access panel with Soundbloc Plasterboard and high density gasket seals for superior sound insulation.

Ceildoor Air-Tight Access Panel


Tested to Air Permeability Class 3, with added dual-layer seal technology and anti-bacterial coating for clean room environments.

Ceildoor Anti-Tamper Access Panel


Our Anti-Tamper Access Panel is designed to be used in areas where security against tampering is required.

Ceildoor Chameleon Access Panel


Designed to take on any finish – from tiles to rigitone – the Chameleon access panel door adapts to any interior finish.

Ceildoor Circular Access Panel


Our Circular designs answer the need for Access Panels that provide an alternative to square Access Panels for more bespoke interiors.

Ceildoor Illusion Access Panel


Our Illusion Access Panel has been designed to accommodate customers who are looking for special sized face shapes.

Ceildoor Exposed Grid Access Panel

Exposed Grid

Ceildoor’s Exposed Grid Access Panels fit within exposed grid ceilings which are designed to blend in seamlessly with the modular aesthetics.

Ceildoor Slim Access Panel


Ceildoor’s Slim Access Panels boast an overall frame depth of 25mm which is no deeper than the diameter of a 2 pence coin!

Ceildoor Essential Access-Panel


Our Essential Access Panel range is our simplest design that meets the needs of those who require a quality product but are working to a tighter budget.

Ceildoor Connect Access Panel


Our Connect Access Panel has been designed to suit environments whereby a standard Access Panel may not suit.