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Access Panels For Tiled Walls, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Insert Any Material Into The Door

Chameleon Panels for Tiled Walls & Rigitone Ceilings
Fitted with Moisture Board
White RAL 9010 (Bespoke colours available on request)


The Chameleon Access Panel door is one of the most versatile features of our access panels for tiled walls. Virtually any material from ceramic tiles to rigitone can be inserted into the compact and lightweight door with protected edges.

The Chameleon Access Panel can also have a flangeless frame designed, a recessed board or insert is fitted into the lightweight door tray, to allow the completed tiled wall access panel to sit flush with the surrounding wall or ceiling and match the rest of the surrounding interior.


Some popular configurations for the Chameleon Access Panel include*:

Tiled Walls – the access panel includes a water repellent moisture board underlay in the recessed door tray for tiles and adhesive

Rigitone – door with rigitone insert sitting flush to the face of the access panel

Armourcoat Finishings – apply sculptural plaster to the panel face with plywood underlay

The door tray can accommodate different thicknesses of materials and adhesive beds, simply specify the materials you are using when ordering your Chameleon Access Panel and we will manufacture to suit your needs.


Bespoke manufactured to your exact requirements, the technical team can create a technical drawing based on your design brief to give you a visual representation of how the Chameleon Access Panel will look.

*Tiles, Adhesives and Rigitone board is not supplied with our tiled wall access panels.

*Tiles, Adhesives and Rigitone board is not supplied.

Chameleon our most Versatile Access Hatch

Door Size (mm) Door Type Structural Opening (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
303 x 303 Single 313 x 313 277 x 217
605 x 605 Single 615 x 615 579 x 519
605 x 303 Single 615 x 313 579 x 256
907 x 605 Single 917 x 615 879 x 519
Examples Based on 150mm Square Tiles
Door Size (mm) Door Type Structural Opening (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
200 x 200 Single 210 x 210 170 x 170
300 x 300 Single 310 x 310 270 x 270
450 x 450 Single 460 x 460 420 x 420
600 x 600 Single 610 x 610 570 x 570
600 x 300 Single 610 x 310 570 x 270
900 x 600 Single 910 x 610 870 x 570
1200 x 600 Single 1210 x 610 1170 x 570

Chameleon Data Sheets

Chameleon Data Sheets

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