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Microsoft Paddington

Microsoft UK’s London office is located in Paddington, near the famous station. Microsoft UK transforms the way people live, work, play and connect through technology. They are driving advances in cloud computing and developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, at work and on the move.

A quantity of Circular Access Panels, in a mixture of bead and picture frame finishes, were supplied to the developer for use on site.

Circular Access Panels

Ceildoor’s Circular Access Panels are the perfect alternative to square Access Panels.

Designed with a unique door hanging mechanism to provide a safe and secure fit when not in use, the door is easy to remove when access is needed by simply rotating the door so it can be demounted from the frame.

Manufactured from zintec steel and fully polyester powder coated, the Circular Access Panels were supplied for the Microsoft Paddington site in 450mm and 600mm sizes.

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