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Airtight Access Panels Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Protect Against Moisture, Dust and Air

Ceildoor’s Air-Tight Access Panel features a combined high-density gasket sealing system and fully polyester powder-coated zintec door which protects the cavity behind the Access Panel from being penetrated by dust, moisture and air.  This dual gasket sealing system becomes a highly effective barrier once closed.

Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial Coating

The Air-Tight Access Panel also comes with a long-lasting anti-bacterial silver ion infused powder coating to all surfaces of the panel – proven to actively reduce bacterial growth by disrupting their cellular function and ability to survive. It does this without being harmful to humans, or affecting the aesthetics or performance of the Access Panel.

Test results with E Coli and MRSA demonstrated that bacteria levels were reduced to below the limit of detection within 24 hours.

Independent Testing

Our Air-Tight Access Panel design has undergone extensive independent third party testing and successfully complied with performance criteria as required in BS EN 1026:2000 and the Anti-Bacterial coating standard JIS Z2801:2000. This has lead it to being specified and installed in a range of public facilities and healthcare environments including hospital clean rooms and operating theatres.

Air-Tight Access Panels against moisture and dust

Door Size (mm) Door Type Structural Opening (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
300 x 300 Single 310 x 310 249 x 249
450 x 450 Single 460 x 460 399 x 399
600 x 600 Single 610 x 610 549 x 549
Bespoke sizes also available up to 1000 x 1000mm

Air-Tight Data Sheets

Air-Tight Data Sheets

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    Air-Tight Access Panels