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Cap-less metal lock cover

Cap-less Lock Hole Cover

The new Cap-less™ lock cover is a unique feature to Ceildoor Products. Designed and manufactured by Ceildoor, it’s exclusive only to our Access Panels, and is a standard feature across our metal faced range, at no extra cost to our customers.

Capless - The Key Change In Lock Hole Covers

The Key Change in Lock Hole Covers

The square design of the Cap-less™ lock cover matches the hatch shape and completely covers the lock hole. The cover is easy to open as it effortlessly slides back to expose the lock and automatically closes to cover the hole.

We believe the unique symmetrical system will change the way you look at Access Panel lock hole covers for life, as it provides an effective solution to the age-old problem of room aesthetics and visually exposed lock holes in Access Panels when caps are taken off or lost.

Our Cap-less™ cover is made from the same zinc plated mild steel metal as our Access Panels and powder coated as standard to RAL 9010 Matt polyester paint, making it a more sturdy option than current plastic caps and made to the highest standards.

Say Good-Bye to Missing Plastic Caps!

Because Cap-less™ is built into the Access Panel door, there are no plastic caps that can fall out. You’ll no longer see panels in-situ with missing caps or struggle to replace plastic caps, resulting in less overall environmental impact. Our new lock hole cover is truly Cap-less for Life™.

Plus unlike current plastic caps, Cap-less™ is available in a full range of RAL colours to match the required access panel paint finish, ensuring it blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of the access panel and its required ceiling or wall location.

Cap-less™ Photo Gallery

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Cap-less open with key in
Cap-less™ open with key in
Cap-less in closed position
Cap-less™ in closed position
Cap-less open (anti-tamper lock version)
Cap-less™ open (Anti-Tamper lock version)
Cap-less automatically closes when released
Cap-less™ automatically closes when released

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Cap-less & Cap-less for Life are a trade mark of Ceildoor Products Ltd – Patent GB2580742A