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Dubai World Trade Centre

The Dubai World Trade Centre, historically called the Sheikh Rashid Tower, is 184 metres high with 38 storeys and 1.3 million square feet of covered exhibition and event space. It is the epicentre for business in the Middle East and has played a pivotal role in the growth of Dubai’s business tourism and trade.

Acoustic Access Panels Supplied to Dubai World Trade Centre

Ceildoor Products supplied the developer with a range of 600mm x 600mm Acoustic Access Panels in RAL 9010 White. The compact and lightweight design of our Acoustic Access Panels make them the perfect solution for sound insulated environments. Our Acoustic Access Panels are frequently specified for use in concert halls, recording studios, schools, libraries and hotels where sound needs to be minimised. They are fitted with high density gasket seals and porous sound absorbing plasterboard for acoustic isolation and have been independently tested at a UKAS approved test centre.

Available in 150mm x 150mm to 1200mm x 600mm door sizes.

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