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Rolls Royce, Mayfair

Rolls Royce has opened its flagship dealership with partner H R Owen in Mayfair, London and Ceildoor Products supplied the site with a range of Standard Cap-less Access Panels.

The London location is their flagship store worldwide and boasts a front door that is modelled on their Pantheon grille and designed with an interior that is intended to give customers an immersive experience in a boutique setting including material samples, a bar and social space. 

Cap-less Access Panels

A quantity of our standard Access Panels in a mixture of sizes in RAL 9010 Matt White were supplied to the developer for use on the new Rolls Royce site. However, there was nothing standard about these Access Panels as they incorporate our unique Cap-less™ lock hole cover.

Cap-less™ is an innovative, patented feature that is built into the Access Panel removing the necessity for plastic lock hole caps that fall off leaving an unsightly hole.

The square design matches the hatch shape and completely covers the lock hole. When access is needed, the cover simply slides across to expose the lock and automatically closes on release. It’s the ideal design feature when room aesthetics are important.

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