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Non Fire-Rated Access Panel

Our Most Versatile Plasterboard Access Panel

Our Everyday Standard (Non Fire Rated) Access Panel incorporates unique features that make it our most versatile Access Panel. With our Unihatch® patented features, the Non Fire Rated Access Panel can easily be reversed and the universal frame and door allows the doors hinge and face orientation position to be easily changed after installation!

All our Non Fire Rated Access Panels can be supplied as either Metal or Plaster faced. With the Unihatch® feature, you can change between the door finishes in one single step. Simply remove the plaster faced door from the frame and turn it over to reveal the metal faced finish.

Not only can the finish be changed, but with our 360° Hinge system, the versatility extends to the door orientation. Even after installation, the door can be easily removed and re-hinged to any other sides of the frame (when it’s a square door) or its opposite side (when it’s a rectangular panel).

Our Non Fire Rated Access Panels are made from 1mm zintec steel welded door shell and welded frame and have a frame depth of 56mm and picture/bead frame width of 23mm. They are fully polyester powder coated providing a solid, durable panel that provides additional resistance to weather, abrasion, rust and chemical & solvent corrosion. Our Non Fire Rated Access Panels fit securely in both wall and ceiling environments.

*the installer must follow guidelines set by relevant wall or ceiling manufacturer to ensure correct properties are achieved for the environment.

Door Size (mm) Door Type Structural Opening (mm) Accessible Opening (mm)
150 x 150 Single 160 x 160 120 x 120
200 x 200 Single 210 x 210 170 x 170
300 x 300 Single 310 x 310 270 x 270
450 x 450 Single 460 x 460 420 x 420
550 x 550 Single 560 x 560 520 x 520
600 x 600 Single 610 x 610 570 x 570
600 x 300 Single 610 x 310 570 x 270
900 x 600 Single 910 x 610 870 x 570
1200 x 600 Single 1210 x 610 1170 x 570

Everyday Standard Data Sheets

Everyday Standard Data Sheets

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