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Bloomsbury Theatre

Over the last two years the entertainment sector, such as theatres, has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s great news that venues are now reopening to the public and can once again provide varied entertainment to audiences across the UK.

One such venue is Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio in London which originally opened in 1968 and showcases the best of theatre, music, dance and comedy. In 2017-19 the venue undertook a major renovation creating a main auditorium with seating for 500 as well as a smaller, intimate studio. Over a three year period, the original concrete walls and brick foyers were refurbished and the building upgraded.

Fire Rated Access Panels

Through contractors, we supply our range of Fire Rated Access Panels to theatres, including Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

Fire Rated Access Panels are important in order to protect anything that is classed as flammable which is accessed via the panel such as cabling, wiring, air conditioning etc.

Our 1 hour and 2 hour Fire Rated Access Panels are designed to comply with Thermal Resistance to BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006 (Part J) and for Fire Resistance to BS476: Part 22: 1987 (Part J) making them a great choice for venues. This means our panels are designed to withstand heat from a fire for a specified amount of time before failing.

Our Fire Rated Access Panels are made from 1mm zintec steel door shell and 1.2mm welded frame. A two layer stepped frame system and metal faced door provides added protection.

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