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Ceildoor is unique in our sector, as we are a UK based manufacturer of Access Panels selling our own-brand products made in the West Midlands.  Our Access Panels are manufactured using the highest quality traceable raw materials from UK suppliers – all made using 1mm zintec steel protected by a full polyester powder coating.

Established in 1990, we supply our range of Access Panels to contractors and distributors throughout the UK and overseas. In 2020, we celebrated our 30th anniversary and we remain a family-run business with quality and customers service at our heart.

In-House Manufacturing of Access Panels

Our sheet metal fabrication unit and powder coating facilities produce not just our extensive range of Access Panels, but also Bespoke products. All our materials come from UK sources, many within the West Midlands. From when the raw materials arrive at our production facilities to when our Access Panels are delivered on site, we maintain rigorous quality control.


Our frames are manufactured out of zintec steel, a cold rolled mild steel that is electrolytically coated with a thin layer of zinc which means it doesn’t rust easily. The versatile steel sheet starts its journey as a flat sheet of metal in a matt grey colour which is then fabricated and painted to create the finished Ceildoor Access Panel.

Our Access Panel manufacturing process begins by punching the desired end profile into the frame using CNC pneumatic press machines. Two further slots, which are required for the lock mechanism for either a metal or plaster faced door, are punched into the frame; and the ends of the frame punched for the lock and hinge mechanisms.

Using a CNC press brake machine, the frame ends are bent to the desired angle, the channels for the lock & hinges are bent to the required angles and the door holes are cut using a press machine.

The rail is welded into place and locks & hinges are installed into the rail and welded. At Ceildoor, we weld along all edges and on the top of the joint to help ensure rigidity.

Full Polyester Powder Coating

Newly built Access Panels are cleaned of any white dust residue that may be left on the metal panel from welding and is attached to a rotating conveyor system ready for powder coating to our customer’s desired colour.

Our Access Panels are painted using powder-coated white RAL 9010 as standard, which is the same coating normally recommended for general exterior situations where good weathering is required against high levels of atmospheric moisture or in particularly aggressive atmospheres. If white is not for you, a range of RAL colours are available to match your required room aesthetics.

The door and the frame of the panels are painted, inside and out, within a purpose built booth. The hanging Access Panels dry in an oven at 180 degrees and any paint drops are collected via ducts which run into a spent powder vat for recycling.

Assembly and Despatch

Once the paint is fully dried and the products are quality checked, the Access Panels are assembled with the required door inserts either for stock or packaged for customer orders with staff working to a real-time electronic despatch dashboard. Due to the huge stock of standard Access Panels that we carry, we can despatch same day for Next Day Delivery to any UK mainland site.


All our Access Panels have ratings for fire resistance, airborne sound reduction, air tightness and thermal conductivity under UKAS approved organisations such as Exova Warringtonfire and Salford University Acoustic Testing Laboratory. Our products are always independently tested and certified for your reassurance.


Our team of engineers are continually developing and adding to our range of patented products to improve designs and features to meet new building challenges and customer requirements, as well as developing and registering additional patents, enhancing the unique range of products within the Ceildoor family of Access Panels.

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities mean we can meet your bespoke specifications on jobs that require more than a standard Access Panel product. Our insight into building regulations and long standing experience working alongside the building industry for 30 years years, means we will always deliver.

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