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Why should you choose Ceildoor?

Ceildoor Products Limited are a leading manufacturer of access panels for walls and ceilings based near Wolverhampton, UK. From general applications to specialist environments – we endeavour to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Our access panels have been trusted and relied upon for a number of high profile clients. You’ll find our products from the Unihatch to entirely bespoke access panels, installed into a wide range of buildings across the UK and further afield including internationally renowned projects, take a look at our case studies here.

But what makes Ceildoor different?
UK designed, sourced and manufactured

As a British manufacturer, we benefit from local skills and expertise, and all our materials are sourced from UK suppliers – everything from the sheet metal to lock fittings. The materials then undergo a process of folding, forming, cutting, welding, coating then assembling before being packaged and sent to you from our manufacturing base.

Wide range of access panels

At Ceildoor, we offer a wide range of different access panels. Our range of access panels include non-fire rated, both up to one and up to two hour fire rated, circular, acoustic, air-tight, Chameleon and exposed grid to just mention a few. Or if you require a bespoke panel, you can simply speak to our in-house technical team to discuss your requirements.


With the Unihatch you can change between two different door finishes in one single step, simply remove the door from the frame and turn it over. Not only can the finish on our Unihatch panels be changed, the versatility extends to the door orientation with our 360° hinge system. With our 360° hinge system even after installation, the door can be easily removed and re-hinged to other sides of the frame.
You will not find Unihatch features anywhere else. Its unique patented features are exclusive to access panels manufactured by Ceildoor – offering you versatility at an unbeatable price.

Full Polyester power coating

All Ceildoor metal access panels and hatches are fully powder coated white RAL 9010 in matt polyester paint. Even though the majority of access panels in the industry are used internally, Ceildoor ensures all our products are coated in full polyester powder which is normally recommended for general exterior situations, where good weathering resistance is required against high levels of atmospheric moisture or in particularly aggressive atmospheres.

Independently tested

We work alongside industry experts to develop and test our access panels. This ensures they comply with UK building regulations backed by certification proving their effectiveness after being tested under UKAS approved laboratory conditions.

So why not choose Ceildoor and open an account with us today in order to receive the best prices, priority service and latest news on access panel products direct from us. Contact our sales team or please call on 0845 370 0852.