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We’re proud to be a British manufacturer of access panels

Being a British manufacturer of access panels we benefit from local skills and expertise by employing local people at our site near Wolverhampton, and in turn this not only benefits us at Ceildoor but also our surrounding community and economy.

Not only are our access panels designed, tested and hand engineered in the UK, all of our materials are sourced from UK suppliers – everything from the sheet metal to lock fittings. The materials then undergo a process of folding, forming, cutting, welding and coating before then being assembled, packaged and dispatched straight from our factory near Wolverhampton to your site.

Also at Ceildoor, we work alongside industry experts to develop and test our panels. This ensures our products comply with UK building regulations backed by certification proving their effectiveness after being tested under UKAS approved laboratory conditions.

View our range of access panels here, British manufacturing you can trust.