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Video Shows How Easy It Is To Reverse A Unihatch Door

new video by Ceildoor Products showcases just how easy it is to reverse a Unihatch® Access Panel door.

Unihatch® is a patented feature used exclusively on Access Panels manufactured by Ceildoor.

The new instructional video demonstrates how to reverse the door, from for example a plasterboard face to a metal face and vice versa, in under one minute!

To reverse the door, simply unlock the panel door, loosen the quick release hinge system, remove the door and rotate it to the face required, retighten the hinge system and relock the panel to secure the door.

Unihatch® has become a popular feature of Ceildoor’s Access Panels bringing together versatility, durability and functionality in one affordable panel and is now used as standard across most of the Ceildoor range of Access Panels. What’s more, the Unihatch also has an ‘any orientation’ feature, allowing the door to be easily changed to a different hinge orientation.

Stockists only need to stock one Unihatch® Access Panel as it covers four uses, saving valuable shelf space. One single Unihatch Access Panel can be used as either a metal faced ceiling panel, plaster faced ceiling panel, metal faced wall panel or a plaster faced wall panel.

Contractors similarly only need to order for delivery to site one Unihatch Access Panel to benefit from the potential use of four different styles, saving much needed space on site and eliminating replacement costs from errors installing the wrong version of door face.

Architects also benefit by only having to specify one product for four different environments.

To watch the new video and see for yourself just how easy it is to reverse a Unihatch® door, check out Ceildoor’s YouTube channel.