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New Brochure Launched

Ceildoor Products has launched a new brochure showcasing their full range of Access Panels.

Wolverhampton based Ceildoor Products has been manufacturing Access Panels in the UK for nearly 30 years and have developed a range of high quality products which meet the needs of a range of industry sectors.

Wide range of Access Panels

The brochure, which is available as a downloadable PDF on their website, details their full range of panels including 1 hour & 2 hour Fire Rated, Acoustic, Air Tight, Anti-Tamper, Chameleon, Circular, Essential, Everyday Standard, Exposed Grid, Slim and Bespoke.

The brochure also highlights their innovative and patented product features such as Unihatch® – a built-in fully reversible door & 360 degree hinge system – and Cap-less lock hole covers.

Supplying all industry sectors

Ceildoor Products’ Access Panels are manufactured in the UK delivering high quality at affordable prices with a range of features generic to all panels, plus unique features for industry specific panels which have been independently tested. The panels are sold across the UK and overseas through distributors and contractors specified for use in buildings in a range of sectors including health, prisons, leisure & entertainment, hotels, retail, education, offices, football clubs and oil & gas.

To download Ceildoor’s new product brochure click on the link on the home page.