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Shape of things to come – the flexible alternative to square Access Panels

Illusion, a new multi-shaped Access Panel from Ceildoor Products, provides the perfect alternative to square panels for bespoke interiors.

The Illusion Access Panel is designed for customers who want a special face shape, such as round or hexagonal, to suit the aesthetics of the room or building as often seen in hotels, car showrooms and bespoke homes.

Whilst circular Access Panels have been available in the industry for some time, expensive tooling restrictions have limited the sizes produced by manufacturers to 300mm, 450mm and 600mm diameters.

Ceildoor’s new Illusion Access Panel resolves these barriers as it is designed using the ‘round peg in a square hole’ metaphor; Ceildoor created a shaped plate frontage, for example circular, attached to a standard, square frame.

This means contractors no longer have to cut-out a time consuming circle or bespoke shape in the wall or ceiling to accommodate the frame; they simply cut a standard square opening.

It also means Ceildoor can manufacture any shape and size, providing customers with the Access Panel they want and the only Access Panel they need!

Manufactured in the UK from zintec steel, the Illusion Access Panel (patent pending) is fitted with their unique Cap-less™ sliding lock hole cover as standard, which also removes unsightly plastic caps which typically fall off and need replacing. It also means the lock hole cover can be painted the same RAL colour as the rest of the panel.

Ceildoor Products are renowned for thinking outside the box and creating innovative yet simple solutions, such as their patented UniHatch® reversible Access Panel door & 360o hinge system and Cap-less™ lock hole cover.

For more information about the Illusion Access Panel click here.