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School’s Out for Summer

The school summer holiday is a perfect time to schedule maintenance. Upgrading or replacing concealed grid ceilings, for example, is much easier when classrooms are empty of school children.

Exposed Grid Access Panels

Our Exposed Grid Access Panels fit within standard exposed grid ceilings which are commonly used in classrooms due to their performance / cost ratio, and are designed to blend in with modular aesthetics allowing access to the cavity behind.

Our high quality ceiling panels, manufactured in the West Midlands, can be installed with a metal face or as a tray which accommodates your ceiling tile. One product with two door faces can be used to match the aesthetics of both ceiling finishes with single door and double door options available.

Our Exposed Grid Access Panels can be supplied with a hinge either on the flat-lay-in or tegular side and are available in a range of grid sizes and door sizes. Visit our Exposed Grid web page for product details.

If you are undertaking school maintenance and are interested in our Exposed Grid Access Panels, call the team on 01902 733645.